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Martial Arts - Fitness - Nutrition 


Morning Sessions Call/Text  (209)408-7364 or email hottstriker@gmail.com  – Jennifer 

Boxing Gloves/Hand Wraps Required (Limited Quantity Available For Use for Guest Only )   

In our KickBoxing Circuit every minute counts, we get it! This intense circuit uses “REAL” boxing/kickboxing conditioning techniques that get you twice as fit in half the time. You will sweat, you will improve, you will become a warrior!!!

Here’s what this Circuit Session offers:

- Muay Thai/Kickboxing/Boxing Drills

- Strength Building/Cardio Conditioning (HIIT)

- Flexibility and Balance

- Individual Circuit (No partner pad drills)

-Unlimited Sessions (30 minutes/60 minutes)

-A Coach with you the entire time

***No Free trial/tryouts  Come by and observe a session.  By Appointment (209)408-7364  hottstriker@gmail.com

Drop-In Fee:

$10 for One 30 minute circuit session.


$15  for Tw0 30 minute circuit  session. (Combine Sessions)



Unlimited KickBoxing Sessions One Month Recurring Membership
*All Sales Final *No account freezes *No class rollover
*30 days to unsubscribe email hottstriker@gmail.com
*** KickBoxing is a physically demanding impact workout. This is NOT for beginners or individuals that have hand,wrist, knee, ankle and back injuries or any medical condition that may be compromised by hitting the bag, high cardio or strength/body weight exercise.

Consult with your physician / doctor before beginning any exercise regime.

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This Month Offer!!!!

🆕Client Offer!

Three 30 Minute KickBoxing Circuit Sessions $20 + C/C Fee             ðŸ¥Š

*No Free Tryout

*Must be use 2 weeks from purchase
*All sales final
*Morning Sessions Call/Text Jennifer (209)408-7364 
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